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We had a great time sailing with Capt. Ali! 3 important factors I learned. Wind, Current and Traffic for sailing :) Hope you enjoyed taking us and picnic on BlackAdder.

The 3 knots was interesting especially Clove Hitch knot where it can be used for rescue. Overall I enjoyed sailing but not if we have to call the wind LOL! Hope to see you again Capt Ali  :)
















Wow! wow! wow!, it was the most incredible experience to simply glide on water in absolute silence. Ive been a (motorised) sailor all my life but to sail with just the wind is an experience to die for.

Capt. Ali, Sir! you are truly an inspiration. I felt so much at ease and enjoyed my time to the max whilst learning so much from you.

Dear land lubbers….dont wait; shake off your dust and go experience the awesome power of the free wind harnessed to make your smile permanent.                       

                                                                              --Ahmad (Maldives)
















Excellent and learned a lot! Good practice at sailing with everybody comfortable on board. Mission accomplished! Thanx Capt Ali 

                                                                                  --Terry Dee Aik












Learnt a lot [wind, yatch, knots, helming, etc] all thanks to Capt.Ali. It was an experience worth the time!

                                                                                 --Padmani Suppiah










Awesome experience. To be one with the wind !!!! Capt Ali thanx for sharing with us the basics..and letting us helm the yatch!!

                                                                   --Logeswaran Maniam











Ming Tze

It was a great day out learning all about the basic of sailing. Ever wondered how a boat actually sails? Then this the one day course that will definitely give you a pretty good idea and you get to do some hands on work as crew too!

It was definitely worth the trip. Capt Ali is a funny man I must say and we all had great fun on the yacht laughing and chatting and learning about Turkey too. I would totally recommend Capt Ali and his Blackadder for an amazing day out!

                                                                                   --Ming Tze














Aisha Adam

To say that I had an awesome great sailing experience would still be an understatement!

It’s something I never thought I would’ve enjoyed soooo much I still can’t get over it :) It was a great escape from the hustle bustle of worklife from the whole year. Oh, what’s more beautiful is that we even got to celebrate our friend’s birthday on board! :) My biggest thanks to my dear friend Alyaa who actually introduced me to this whole sailing thing and more importantly to Capt. Ali for being such a sport. You’re so cool!!

It was just simply SUPERFUN! :)

                                                                                 --Aisha Adam

















Fell in love with sailing and the incredible feeling of peace with just you, your boat and the waters. Thank you Captain Ali for making it an experience we’ll never forget. Will definitely be interested to learn more and come back!

                                                                                --Warren Tan













The sailing day out with Captain Ali has been wonderful. The one day course was well planned and Captain Ali was very skilful and experience especially when he is on board with 4 new members like us. The yacht fitted 5 people just nice and the yacht was kept clean and confortable.
Overall, a very enjoyable trip.

                                                                        --Keiko Ng Su Ann













10th Sept 2011, my first yacht sailing trip and I absolutely enjoyed it! Learnt new skills, met new friends and shared unforgettable life experiences with one another out in the sea, what more can I asked! It was my first but definitely not the last. Looking forward to sail again and thank you so much for your guidance Captain Ali !                                 

                                                                                               --Margaret How













Thank you for such a wonderful sailing session Capt! Eventhough it rained for a
part of the session, the captain kept us in good spirits and we all had a wonderful
learning experience. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the captain ensured each
and everyone of us had a role on the yacht, keeping us all actively participating and learning.     

                                                                                                  -- Johan             














The day sailing introduction was both concise and comprehensive for a relatively short period of time. Despite poor winds we did manage to do sufficient sailing to learn and practice some basic concepts. Was much fun navigating around static commercial ships. Capt Ali was very capable and communicated clearly the key concepts so was all in much of a breeze to pick up. Much of a memorable experience and look forward to doing it again.       

                                                                                       --Iskandar Razak














It was a great experience learning on a keel boat. It has been a long time since I last sailed Laser, and all the joy of sailing came back to me, plus we get to sail bigger yacht!

Would recommend to anyone to join in on sailing with Capt Ali. He has vast experience and a pleasant guy to hang out with.















It was a great and wonderful experience for me even though is just a simple course of one day sailing. Indeed, I had a fun time especially that day was my birthday and God loves us so much that he allows us to sail with cooling weather. I definitely would want to go for the next course if my financial permit. It was the coolest experience I have ever experienced. Never regret!                                                                                        















Thank you Captain Ali for a most memorable and enjoyable experience. Weather was great but the warmth of your training was the real winner of the day. We had so much fun and your patience to let us, as new learners, get the feel of sailing on the Black Addar allowed us to be relaxed and soak up the advanture on the high seas of the Stait of Malacca….your tales of your local experiences only added to the flavour of the day. Thanks again for this and look forward with pleasure to our next adventure together.                                

                                                                                      --Nan and John













We had a great day sailing… learnt about the basic knowledge of sailing and had a good hands-on experience :)

Captain Ali is a good instructor with excellent knowledge and experience in sailing… thanks again Capt Ali for giving us a memorable expericence…


                                                                                       --Yuh Fun















The experience was delightful and stress-busting. The unseen wind thrust our vessel silently for up-to 5 knots in unpredictable waters. Sometimes choppy, at others calm. All this while half a dozen or so eagles circled overhead, observing us curiously. “There goes a dolphin” exclaimed Capt. Ali excitedly. By the time we focused, it was gone. Sigh. Lunch on-board was a no-frills affair. Then, we were taught the intricacies of knot tying. Finally we learned, in practical terms that yachts were designed for forward movement only.
Capt Ali is a man with a wealth of experience and generous with his knowledge. He is patient in trying to impart as much in the shortest space of time. My only regret is that I missed that dolphin.                                 














Keith Khoo

Smooth water,blue skies,gusting wind,whisper of a breeze. Lashing tropical rain, distance flashing lightning and bolts of rolling thunder. Jack knifing at 6 knots and leaning at 45deg brought grins all around. We had it all under the capable hands of Capt Ali. It was a weekday well spent for me and open up yet another hobby in the making…Thanks Capt. p/s Revisiting the long forgotten knots is an icing on the cake!

                                                                                       --Keith Khoo














Hello Capt Ali,

Hope all is well on your side. We've been talking non-stop to our friends and families on what such a great time we had sailing with you on the blackadder.

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you again from myself and my wife. See you again soon! Regards,
                                                                           ---Firhan and Hazie













Chen Chow

Thanks for the wonderful sailing session by Captain Ali. He has definitely did his very best to teach my girlfriend and I on various basic knowledge of the yacht, sailing and get us involved in doing it. It has been a fun trip!
                                                                                     ---Chen Chow













Had an awesome experience of sailing with Capt Ali and my fellow friends-KG, Linda & Aly. Learnt a lot with Capt Ali’s clear instructions and guidance and his great passion in sailing. Love the adrenaline of the speed, the sharing of laughters, the peacefulness of just being under the sun & the wind. Just bliss. Will recommend it if you want to have a feel of sailing. Something that I will consider to pursue further. Thanks Capt. Ahoy!!                                  

                                                                                    --Joanne Fong














KY Gan

We had a great time sailing! Captain Ali was really fun and encouraging, and has a real passion for sailing (with a good sense of humour). We were completely new in sailing, but by the end of the day, we learned some basic things and look forward to longer course.                       

                                                                                         --KY Gan













Wonderful experience sailing with Captain Ali. Enjoy the small picnic in blackaddar, everyone get sunburn, singing rain rain go away and dancing wind wind welcome dance. Awesome experience!                                 

                                                                              --Alysher Lim













My first sailing was back in 1996 but most of the things i’ve forgotten over the years. However a day course with Capt Ali resurrected my interest in sailing and now thanks to the capt, i’m going to enrol myself for the SAILING LICENCE COURSE!

Capt Ali gave us a memorable experience and most importantly the knowledge of sailing fundamentals. The Blackadder is a simple and straight forward yacht for all beginners as it helps us to understand in and out of the boat.

As a summary, Captain Ali has vast experience, knowledge and is a patient person to be such a good mentor for anyone whos interested in sailing. I don’t have any negative comments for my experience as i believe ALL must have had a whole lot of good fun with him.

Finally, THANK YOU CAPTAIN ALI for everything and we hope to sail with you again SOON!

PS: I really can’t wait for the new 40 footer ship to arrive :D



















Unforgettable experience you gave us Captain Ali! Getting away from the busy life and head for peace and relaxation in the sea. Thanks so much! Blessed with great weather, good current nice wind, clear blue sky, most importantly your passion and patience coaching us on how to navigate and control the boat, we were all 4 captains today! Although we have to leave a little early bcuz our member had seasickness, but it’s all good! Hope to sail again with you very soon, Captain!  

                                                                                  --Rachel Wong









Gordon & Jag

We had a fantastic time on the course with Capt. Ali onboard the Blackadder. He was very informative and definitely an enjoyable teacher to learn from. We really appreciate the time Capt. Ali spent with each and everyone of us in the group and his patient in ensuring that each one of us has the opportunity to gain as much as we want in all aspect of sailing.

The day passed so quickly like it was over in 5mins!!! ^.^ Just as quick as it took for me to climb up to the mast and back down! LOL. If given the opportunity, rest assured we will be looking forward to many more sailing days in the future. See you soon Captain!

                                                       --Gordon & Jag










Thanks for an enjoyable day. Capt Ali is a great teacher, demonstrating knowledge and patience, and an overall concern for our safety. I felt I came away with the basic concepts and a desire to pursue sailing in the future. I hope this will be possible with Capt Ali again next year….
Thanks                                                                      --Louise










Dear Captain Ali, I would like to thank you for this wonderful first day on the sea. I learned a lot about the basics of sailing. It was a great and impressive experience for me and I am looking forward to the next time. Because it was such a nice day full of interesting things, I decided to join your upcoming “Incoming Course”.

Again, thank you very much and I hope we will meet next year.











Jan & Fazedy

Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful experience on the Blackadder. It has been an honor sailing with you Captain Ali. Will definitely see you again in March for the full course.:D  

                                                                                 --Jan & Fazedy










Enoch Khoo

What an Enjoyable Day Spent With You Captain Ali and Thank You For Being So Warm + Friendly As You Share With Us Your Vast Knowledge On Sailing! As The Saying Goes, The Best Way To Learn Is To Have Fun And Fun We Did Have a Plenty! Highly Recommended For Everyone!
                                                                             --Enoch Khoo








Soo Yin

I had a great sailing experience with this one day sailing course, not to mention how much fun I had being part of the crew. Amateurs should not worry too much with the technique and safety as Captain Ali is a great instructor. I will definitely recommend anyone to join the course and experience the exhilaration of controlling an ocean under the watchful eye of the amazing instructor.

I must thank Captain Ali, for giving such fun lessons and the useful advices which we could actually apply them in the future. Especially the nautical knots. I love them. Thank you Captain and I hope to see you soon again for future sailing voyage.

                                                                             --Soo Yin









I have wanted to learn more about sailing for many years and it was my wife who booked myself and my son on the day course. As soon as we reached the marina it was clear that Capt Ali had a wealth of experience, showing us landlubbers the ropes.
When we got out on the Blackadder and started sailing it was great, just to hear the wind and the engines,no generators..brilliant. Everybody got the chance to take participate, and we got up to six knots!!
One thing though… Don’t forget your waterproofs !!

All in all an excellent day out.

                                                                              --Craig Donald 









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"What an Enjoyable Day Spent With You Captain Ali and Thank You For Being So Warm + Friendly As You Share With Us Your Vast Knowledge On Sailing! As The Saying Goes, The Best Way To Learn Is To Have Fun And Fun We Did Have a Plenty! Highly Recommended For Everyone!"

--Enoch Khoo, MY