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Seas and oceans are more than just a beauty to behold; the gorgeous water bodies offer great sites for recreation and water sports. Sailing, like many other water sports is full of fun and vitality in the magical waters of Malaysia. Mastering the skill of sailing will have you soaring through the waters to have a lifetime experience in the blue beauty.

Sailing School Malaysia has embarked on a training venture for all the sea lovers ready to dive into the world of seas and oceans. It is an entirely exquisite experience to let one drive in the sea for an unforgettable experience. Let’s not forget the most salient factors to make you a proficient sailor. It is not only through reading some materials or guidelines, that one can find himself ready to gear up for the sailing task. As charismatic the calming waters appear, they can be as risky to sail in if you don’t do it the right way.

Sailing School Malaysia is there to help you let go off any hesitance and fears you might have of sea depths or other risks, helping you to bring out the inner sailor in you. Remember the nature has its deep, secretive visage which can only be explored when one enters into the new dimension of sea water. Here you have to master the skill of hovering and commanding the forces of nature which can only be harnessed through a confident and talented sailor.

It is exactly these two qualities which we religiously follow and strive to inculcate into our trainees. Once they get a good grip on these qualities, sailing would surely become a smooth drive for them. We provide you with the most proficient, experienced and certified trainers to make these training sessions a true experience brimmed with vitality, fun and essential knowledge. We at Sailing School Malaysia provide our trainees with hand-on experience through different set of courses arranged.

Moreover our registered students need not worry about their stay, as we offer comfortable accommodation on board our yacht. Our students will get a chance to train at Palau Indah Marina. The location is especially suitable for the availability of different facilities provided by Marine Department Malaysia and the optimum sailing point; the Port Klang which can accommodate up to 100 yachts at a time. At Port Klang we train our students to ride powerboat and keelboat.

Our teaching and training is very systematic, comprising of theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge gained by our students through on hands experience. Accelerating from basic to advanced level courses, our trained instructors guide the young sailors to harness their sailing skills through thorough training and assessment of their skills and weak areas.

Not only that, our registered students are also awarded globally recognized certificates upon completion of the course which is internationally recognized and offered by our firm.  So sail into the world of sailing and master the skills to become a pro at the game in no time!


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"What an Enjoyable Day Spent With You Captain Ali and Thank You For Being So Warm + Friendly As You Share With Us Your Vast Knowledge On Sailing! As The Saying Goes, The Best Way To Learn Is To Have Fun And Fun We Did Have a Plenty! Highly Recommended For Everyone!"

--Enoch Khoo, MY