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Warm yourself up to sail away with the sailing jackets  

Warm weather with clear sky and overhead scorching sun, or windy day with its own energy and rigor, jackets are your best companion and savior. Fitting well, comfy and protective; jacket is a complete dress in itself. Coming in various colors and sizes, our collection of sailing jackets in both unique as well as trendy as it not only fits itself for sailing use but also makes you look chic in your own elegant way whilst you rule the waves.  

Sailing jackets not only protect you from the harmful effects of the weather, they are also vital in maintaining the body temperature via insulation and absorption during sailing. Sailing clothing in itself is protective and designed to safeguard you from the water borne problems without affecting your agility. Nevertheless, the clothing is tightly fit and thus does little in protecting you in hazardous situations in case of a jerk or extreme weather conditions. That is when your sailing jackets come to the rescue. As the awareness and interest in sailing evolves, revolution comes in style and color combination. Jackets though remain quite the same in their outlook and design, but that is how we like it as they provide the customary look of a ‘sailor’ heading out on sailing expedition.  

Our sailing jackets are designed expertly to assist you during this water sport. Their comfy material and catchy colors are what combine the comfort and style, rendering you stylish and cool whilst you sail your boat in the waters. Coming in the attractive colors of black, blue, navy, grey, red, white, platinum and many others, the sailing jackets will give you an outlook that is bound to boost your confidence. Readying yourself for a sport, especially a water sport demands that you design your wardrobe accordingly. In case of sailing, buying certain accessories which form the basics of sailing gear will gear you up for the upcoming sailing challenges, both physically as well as mentally.

Your great look with our sailing jackets combined with our staff’s valuable advices will give you a boost in taking any sailing challenge during your endeavor. Our sailing jackets are designed to fit the demands of both the genders with color combinations and difference of sizes and designs. The designs also differ in your area of expertise in the water sports, with different types of sailing jackets for power boating, offshore sailing, inshore sailing, ocean sailing, coastal or channel sailing etc.  

Our concern is how we can fit your needs best and we make sure to bring about the innovations and improvements that are sure to benefit you even greater. Integrating expert knowledge and technology in the making of our sailing jackets, our sailing jackets come in a variety of wind stoppers, water proof and other climatic situation and conditions, specifically designed to suit the purpose of the wearer in the best possible manner. All of these features come in reasonable prices to ensure that you get your desired jacket in the easiest and affordable manner.   

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"What an Enjoyable Day Spent With You Captain Ali and Thank You For Being So Warm + Friendly As You Share With Us Your Vast Knowledge On Sailing! As The Saying Goes, The Best Way To Learn Is To Have Fun And Fun We Did Have a Plenty! Highly Recommended For Everyone!"

--Enoch Khoo, MY