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Sailing Courses in Malaysia

We offer sailing courses in Malaysia from basics to advance level of training. Sailing School Malaysia provides recreational courses under the curriculum of IYT Worldwide. Our experienced instructors follow latest updates in sailing to give training to who wants to learn to sail. Sailing courses in Malaysia is designed to develop skills while enjoying. Students are required to join one of our courses in order to get certificates. They have to form up team together with other participants and attend theory as well as practical training.

When you do short study on course prices which we are advertising in our links based on the navigational experiences it is considered free, if you compare with Australian courses. Our sea affair trips and activities when you choose to participate making people great when you deal with beautiful destinations around the Selangor state and other places like Andaman and leave not to forget experiences by years.

Similar courses are conducted in Phuket, Thailand under IYT cirriculum, in Langkawi, Malaysia as well as in Singapore under RYA sporting skipper courses. Crusing events are also organized for the people who needs milage for their yachtmaster exam booking in Asia. These courses could be accepted as week based organized on board a yacht as a coastal holiday travel package by the beach and islands.

We are categorizing our courses into two section which are Power and Sail. All courses either Power or Sail have the same name but additional - Power or - Sail as an suffix for each.

International Crew Certificate Course

We are concentrating International Crew Certificate courses. This course is 4 days or 32 hours course with theory and practice on board the yacht. Competent Crew course is design as a certificate course and it is composed of 6 modules. Module 1, 2, 4 and 6 are in theory while Module 3 and 5 are in practical. We do our theory classes in our classroom located at Pulau Indah Marina at Port Klang, Malaysia. Our practical training is on board of yacht. You can go to International Crew - Sail Certificate course page for more details.

Practical part of our courses will be done on board accommodation. We will leave the port and come back every night of sailing period. During these 3 days period, participants practice navigation, handling the sail, helm the boat i.e . . During sailing period, we are offering water sport like swimming if there is a chance. Participants will be sharing map reading, accommodation and nautical equipment plus exploring the voyage.

One Day Sailing Course

Besides this course we planned to do Daily - Sail Courses as well. This course basically would be the Introduction of Sailing, familization boat as well as systems on board. It will consist of one day sailing around the vicinity of Port Klang. Unfortunately, due to the lack of interest from our customers we are no longer offer this course. It will be combined with International Crew Certificate course.

Diving Course In Malaysia

We have just started to offer Dive Boat Mate course under the umbrella of IYT / PADI joint efforts of Dive Boat Captain Program. Please visit the page Diving Course in Malaysia to have more information.

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"What an Enjoyable Day Spent With You Captain Ali and Thank You For Being So Warm + Friendly As You Share With Us Your Vast Knowledge On Sailing! As The Saying Goes, The Best Way To Learn Is To Have Fun And Fun We Did Have a Plenty! Highly Recommended For Everyone!"

--Enoch Khoo, MY