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Malaysia’s beauteous resorts are a jewel of the world. The country does not only have a fascinating landscape with a coast line of 4675 km, the beaches, sailing resorts and yacht facilities  as well as the serene and tranquil environment is the dream landscape for any vacationer out there. Even if you might not be very much into water sports, the scenic beauty and the charming atmosphere for sailing compel everyone to awaken the sailor inside and to get sailing. Sounds great package for an aspiring tourist? Yes absolutely. But it’s an amazing opportunity for not only wandering tourists and sailing and water sport fanatics, Sailing School Malaysia provides awesome services and even better commercial packages for many corporations in the form of corporate charters.  

Malaysia’s islands, especially the prominent and famous Penang and Langkawi on the North-West part of Malaysia provide a prime site for the recreational and commercial facilities. Our clients can duly benefit from our corporate charter by taking advantage of all of the attractive facilities we have therein in the corporate charter. If you’re wondering how to boom your business; it may involve tourism, site seeing, recreational resort staying or shipping, the corporate charter is a perfect way to help you avail all the benefits the professional way. We offer yachts, racing boats, ships as well as guides and the guidelines to maneuver the boats along the coast.

Our friendly staff may not be enlisted by you as a requirement in the corporate charter but we are glad to inform you that our humble and professional trained team is always there to guide you and help you in your sea journey. Malaysia is located at the crossroads of Asia. Gifted with huge reserves of natural wealth and beautiful landscape Malaysia has one of the best coastal services as well as sailing waters all over the world. May tourists would know the name of ‘Twin Towers’ in Malaysia, would know about the prominent places in the metropolis and capital Kula Lumpur, but not many would be aware of the nature’s gems Malaysia has been gifted with.

This is especially true in case of water activities. If you are looking for to take advantage of the attractive waters by becoming part of the sailing community, be our guest. Not only will you be provided with all the necessary facilities with our highly equipped yachts and trained guides to help you along the way; the services plus the ethereally beautiful coastline will make a passionate sailor out of a professional corporate worker. We are this sure because we know that apart from the natural wealth which acts as a naturally perfect site for your corporation, our sailing school also has years of experience necessary to guide you with every glitch in the corporate working of the water sports , sailing and shipping.

By signing the corporate charter with Sailing School Malaysia, you are ensuring the success in business and facilities as well as a profound relief you would get after experiencing the beneficial effects of recreation, kind customer support from our staff and apt facilities to make your charter experience with us as one of the best of your corporate career. 

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"What an Enjoyable Day Spent With You Captain Ali and Thank You For Being So Warm + Friendly As You Share With Us Your Vast Knowledge On Sailing! As The Saying Goes, The Best Way To Learn Is To Have Fun And Fun We Did Have a Plenty! Highly Recommended For Everyone!"

--Enoch Khoo, MY