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Brimming with opportunities, fun, good times and recreation, Malaysia’s islands and beaches are one of its most prized possessions. Waters of the coast make you to gravitate towards them, their powerful energy and soothing aura encapsulates everyone in their magic and even a casual vacation can have lifelong wondrous effects on anyone. Be it sailing, chartering a yacht for a casual holiday, or sailboat or ship charter for a commercial endeavor, we at Sailing School Malaysia profess to meet your varied needs.  

Our school keeps its clients; students or professional workers duly satisfied as we provide the best facilities, guaranteeing comfort and full customer satisfaction. For you to take the benefit of the packages offered by our sailing school, it is indeed advisable that you look into signing a charter with our firm. For that, our clients need to be aware of the charter schedule and any additional requirements which may be noteworthy.  

Operational at Port Klang and having the accessibility to most major ports and coastal islands of the region, our sailing school has the added advantage to be located on this geographical point which has prime commercial as well as recreational importance. Our clients; corporate and individual tourists, can duly benefit by looking into our charter schedule.  

Our charter schedules are bound to have something for everybody’s liking and requirements. What’s even greater is that becoming a part of our network through the charter program you will not only be signing up for the fun and recreation and the fulfillment of your sailing objectives solely, we will make sure that by signing in through our charter schedule you become part of this larger than life program that gifts you an experience of a lifetime.

Our purpose at Sailing School is to help and guide our customers at every step of the way and our qualified staff’s teaching experience grants them the niche to cater to your needs most diligently. Through the charter schedule, we work week days as well as weekends and are more than willing to adhere to your additional requirements and demands according to our very best efforts. Yachts, sailboats, racing boats and many more are waiting for you to be used once you sign up for the charter program.  

Our guides and staff’s prized skills may not be enlisted in the charter schedule but these are the best factors about signing a charter with our sailing school. We not only sign contracts, we take journeys with you. Our aim is to provide for our customers, providing them the necessary facilities and guidance which along with the scenic coastline, prime location and awesome backdrops makes the trip all the more appealing and magical.  

Our charter schedule comprehensively enlists the features and facilities offered without leaving out any un-ambiguities. Take a look at the charter schedule and we’re sure that your willingness to become a part of the sea journey with our sailing school will be one of the best decisions you make in your entire life. 

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"What an Enjoyable Day Spent With You Captain Ali and Thank You For Being So Warm + Friendly As You Share With Us Your Vast Knowledge On Sailing! As The Saying Goes, The Best Way To Learn Is To Have Fun And Fun We Did Have a Plenty! Highly Recommended For Everyone!"

--Enoch Khoo, MY