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Malaysia, more particularly the islands of Langkawi and Penang, as well as the neigboring country of Thailand and Singapore are considered a paradise when considering boats for sale. These locations offer a wide range of boats like cruisers, sail boats, motor boats or power boats, fishing boats, and yachts in their marine environments with a wide variety of sizes. In the year of 2013, Catamarans are the hot products designed for luxury boats mostly comes with their inflatable dingies.

International buyers can contact the customer service departments of specialized charter companies, who have been in the marketing business for a long time, for detailed lists of units available for buying or selling. Most of these companies provide this service free of charge. Some of the factors affecting the price of the yacht are the size, usually measured in feet (ft). They can range from 15ft all the way up to 80ft. Some of the more common sizes for boats are around the 35-40ft range.

If you are not buying directly from the manufacturer own dealer, second hand boats can come in all types of conditions ranging from complete fixer-uppers to good to top quality. You can find boats from listings of brokerage firms, personal and public classified ads, and even through word-of-mouth. One thing to keep in mind is to consider the specifications you are looking for and comparing models with similar specifications to find out the most suitable boat for you. Buying a boat from a private seller can be much more economical than buying from a

After you have chosen your boat and purchased it, you can choose from a number of commercial or non-commercial properties to store your boat. Marinas offer a wide range of services including maintenance and spare parts. They also offer accessories and equipment for your boat.

If you like to travel a lot, owning a sailboat can have double the reward. You can have your boat chartered to the location of your choice, fly in on an airplane, and sail around the tropical location of your choice. When you are done, fly back home and have your sailboat meet you there ready for your next sailing trip. This will allow you to see more any region has to offer apart from the regular touristic sites.

Being based in Kuala Lumpur, we can offer you the services mentioned above due to our close proximity to the hot spots for boat sellers and marinas. We constantly get sellers offering us to put their boats for sale on our website. You can see some of the boats we have for sale below. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have regarding boats for sale.

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